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Aquire Skills 101

Besides the major services Imaginative Image offers, you might be interested in some basic skills I can teach you one on one. Previous to graphic design, I've been an art teacher and a substitute high school teacher. Also, I've helped friends maneuver their way through a variety of basic computer skills. From that, I've been told I'm a good teacher... people get it when I explain it.

  • Learn how to use and survive Facebook
    • set up an account and customize settings
    • prepare and post your profile picture
    • post videos, photos, links (to articles etc...) and your status
    • make comments and "like" on Facebook friends posts
    • edit your comments if you have a typo
    • create photo albums
    • share, copy and paste
    • explore and more
  • Learn Photoshop basics
    • size, prepare and save your photographs for the web
    • enhance your photographs with more clarity and better color
    • learn how to use layers
  • Learn watercolor painting basics
    • make a watercolor flat wash
    • create gradients and blend from one color to another
    • keep the paint color's clarity

Photo Preparation

The web is particular about images. If an image isn’t sized, doesn’t have resolution for the web or isn’t saved correctly, it can appear skewed, off-center or cockeyed in some way when on the web.

If you have images/photos that you plan on using on the web, but you don’t have the time, skill or software to prepare them, Imaginative Images can do it for you. Also, if you’re needing those photos enhanced (repaired, adjusting exposure, color and/or clarity), it can be done at the same time.

Photo Restoration

Do you have older photos that need repair? Or do you have newer photos that could look better if: the color was balanced, a little warmer or not so yellow, green or magenta; the contrast higher; the clarity crisper?

If so, there are techniques that can fix it. Just get in touch and send your photos to Imaginative Images.

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